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Discussion 1 to A Miscellany 26
It resonates

by George Ardell

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Your submission hits a resonance with me. I'm not sure I am apathetic about religion/agnosticism. In Reflection 40, which I submitted, it mentions a book I found in which the author describes himself as a curious agnostic. I think that better characterizes my feelings.

I agree that our finite human understanding cannot fathom the questions, let alone the answers , to life's greatest mysteries. But look how far we have come since even the Middle Ages. The most frustrating thing for me about being finite and mortal is the realization that there will be so much future human progress that I will never even know about. The only comforting thing is that, as age comes on, my limits become somehow more acceptable; and maybe that is one of the unsung benefits of mortality for people like me.

Maybe it's a case of agnosticism turning into Alzheimer's. Ha! Ha!