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Discussion 1 to Meditation 20
The length of a year

By Kevin Carnes

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There is another problem with Ussher, et. al., using the ages of the people listed in the Bible to determine the earth's age. One needs to define a "year." A “year” hasn’t always been 12 months/365(.25) days. In the early days of Rome, there was a change from their traditional 10 month year to 12 months.

It could be that a “year” in Methusela’s time was what we call a “month.” We just don’t know, do we? If the "year" at his time was equal to a "month" in our time, he would have fathered his first child when he was 15 years, 8 months old, and his last child when he was 80 years, 4 months old. That makes a lot more sense than 186 and 989, or whatever the exact ages were that were claimed in the bible.